Leather Care

When leather is properly cared for, it can last a lifetime. All our leather goods are intended to age with wear and will soften with use. Here  are some tips how to take care of your leather goods :

  • To prevent your eather goods  from drying out or cracking, moisturize the leather surface with leather conditioning cream once in a while, say approximately three or four times a year. Leather conditioning cream can be purchased from your local shoe repairer. You should read the instructions specified on the package of each leather conditioning cream carefully before applying directly onto your leather goods, as the instructions of each brand may vary slightly. 
  • Keep your leather goods in a cool, dry, well ventilated environment away from excessive humidity in order to prevent your bags from drying out or cracking. 
    • If your leather goods get wet, press firmly with absorbent paper on the surface (do not rub) and then let them air-dry naturally in the shade. . Never use direct heat (such as air dryers) to dry your leather bags. 
    • If the leather surface comes into contact with oil or grease, wipe excess oil or grease off the surface with absorbent paper and then leave it alone as the spot should dissipate into the leather in time. Do not apply water and try to wash away the oil or grease.
    • Handle leather goods with care, even though they are designed to be tough and durable.