My Story

Everyone has a passion. Mine is leather crafting. My passion affair with the Leather started few years ago. I fell in love with leather because of its durability, flexibility, and the natural look. It’s something that has been used thousands of years by our ancestors. When I was looking for some unique leather essentials that have quality, I couldn’t find any. After some research I decided to make my own. It took me some time to understand the craftsmanship. However, after a year of practicing and testing designs, I was finally able to produce leather goods with classic look and great quality that I can offer to you.
Making these leather goods is more about providing people quality products that gives them their money’s worth. Quality is very important for me. All of our leather goods are 100 % Handcrafted, hand stitched and hand cut. Every seam is sewn by hand without the use of machine tools or presses. The result is a great product that will last you a lifetime.

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