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Handmade Leather Wallets

When we started, we set out to make the best custom leather wallets possible. The best leather goods don’t just happen overnight. They take a lot of research and a deep passion for finding the best quality leather goods to make high-end leather wallets that look amazing and last for years. High-quality handmade leather goods can be hard to find. As a business, we take pride in delivering custom leather products that tell a story.

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As a customer, you can design your own leather wallet from handcrafted leather goods. A real leather wallet has been the ultimate luxury functional fashion accessory for men and women all over the world for years. They come in different styles and sizes, with different components and security features to add to your personal fashion profile and keep important items safe and secure. With custom handmade leather wallets, you evoke a premium style that others will notice.

A good hand carved leather wallet is also a great investment. The good quality and using artisan leather goods will make your wallet age well over time. It will mold to you based on how you use it. Soon, your handmade mens wallet will tell your story with each mark and crease, adding to its overall allure. You’ll look back on all of the experiences you’ve had carrying that wallet along with you. The different places, credit cards, driver’s licenses, and other documents you’ve held in your life.

Buying the right custom leather wallet is about choosing the right materials at the best price. There are things you should look for to guarantee you make the right choice. You have a lot of variety of handmade leather products. You can opt for something like trifold leather wallets, a hand stitched leather wallets and other different types of wallets. Here are some tips on finding the best wallet for you or someone else special in your life.

Wallet Size

To find the best full grain leather wallets, you need to visit a leather shop online for the best deals. Wallet size is among the first things you’ll choose. The size of your wallet says a lot about who you are the attention to detail you have when it comes to personal accessories. Most handmade leather wallets are standard sizes that fit in the back pocket of your pants. They are bifold wallets with slots for credit cards, insurance cards, money, and perhaps a small zippered compartment for coins.

If you want to make a louder statement with something flashy, you can select a larger wallet. These are sometimes referred to as breast wallets because they fit well in the breast pocket of a suit jacket. They are approximately double the size of a normal bifold wallet and can fit several credit cards, membership cards like for grocery stores, frequent flyer cards, and other types of cards. There are multiple compartments for cash if you want to separate smaller and larger bills as well.

When thinking about the size of handmade wallets, you should buy something that you’ll feel comfortable using on a regular basis. Most people only buy a few high-quality leather wallets in their life, so make a choice that you’ll be happy using every day. A leather edc wallet can be a great source of joy. However, if you have the ability, you can have multiple handcrafted leather wallets of different sizes that you can switch out based on the occasion or what you are wearing.


When buying a customer leather wallet, you want to give maximum value for your money. You are likely going to pay a premium for a real leather wallet, so its build and the curing process will matter. Wallets made by hand with professional stitching can last for several years. That’s great news for people who have had wallets breakdown on them in the past. The best full grain leather wallets can take a beating and will even look better with some wear and tear. It will take on a vintage look that people value a great deal.

Handcrafted leather wallets are also eco-friendly. They cut down on the amount of harmful chemicals and products that go into many mass-produced products. In the USA, leather wallet production provides meaningful jobs domestically and encourages growth in the artisan industry. By purchasing good quality leather wallets, you’re shrinking the distance between the consumer and the people who make the products. American made leather wallets typically come from small, family-owned businesses that have been in the business for generations. When you buy one of their products, you’re also buying into their store and what the company stands for.

Premium Brands

Handmade leather wallets for men are an important accessory for many premium leather companies. They focus on delivering the best handmade wallets that will last you a lifetime and make you look fantastic when you pull out your wallet to pay for dinner or buy some movie tickets. There are limited choices when it comes to accessories in men’s fashion, so picking the right wallet is important for anyone trying to curate a personal sense of style.

Different brands create a variety of looks in their leather goods store or online shop. They can use braided leather, you can buy leather wallet items with logos and other pictures engraved or stamped on them, and they come in different colors like black, brown, tan, purple, red, and many more. Most people who buy full grain leather wallets go for something traditional like brown or black, but if you want to add a bit of flair to your wardrobe, go for a color outside of the mainstream.

Purchasing the best full grain leather wallets requires a bit of research to find the brand and style that works for you. You want something that fits in your personality, but also something you’ll love taking out of your pocket every day to show off a bit in front of your friends and colleagues. Peruse the wide variety of leather wallets and choose which ones you love the best.

Carrying Capacity

Wallets are the ultimate mix of fashion and function. You need both to be happy with whatever wallet you choose. If you go for something too minimalist, you’ll regret not having enough space for all of the cards or cash you need to carry to get by in your everyday life. At the same time, if you have a wallet with too many compartments, you’ll end up carrying around too much wallet for what you practically need.

Getting the right wallet with the appropriate carrying capacity counts. To do this, take a bit of self-inventory about what you normally use. If you isolate your spending on one or two credit cards and rarely use cash, then you can go with a handmade leather wallet that’s sleep and minimalist. However, if you have, for example, a corporate card, personal credit cards, a badge you need to get into work, and frequently need to use cash, then you’ll need something a little more functional.

Most people can shrink their wallet carrying capacity needs because a lot of companies are going digital. The odds are you don’t need to haul around as many membership and club cards that you used to get into stores or get the grocery savings that you earn. With the flash of your phone, you’ll accomplish what used to be done by taking something out of your wallet. The same can be said for cash. The amount of paper currency that changes hands every day continues to decline, so think about that when you’re shopping for the carved leather wallet of your future.

For most people, handmade leather wallets USA companies offer do the trick. Whether it’s handmade leather trifold wallets or something more traditional like the bifold wallet, it will have enough versatility to carry the cards and cash you want.

One thing that separates the carrying capacity for many people is whether you want a coin carrier inside your wallet. Often, these are zippered or buttoned compartments that you can slot coins into and pull out if you have to feed a parking meter or need some change for a small item at the store. A coin compartment will add to the weight of your wallet but will help you avoid having a handful of dimes swashing around inside your pocket all day.

In the end, the right carrying capacity is a major factor in which wallet to buy. Many people buy something minimalist only to end up carrying loose items in a bag or their pockets. A good option is to buy a wallet as your every day carry that has enough space for everything and something else for other occasions. It doesn’t take long to switch things out and take only what you need before a weekend run or a night out on the town.

Custom Options

One the people love most about handmade leather wallets is the ability to customize them. If you go to the super high-end, then you can find an artisan who will make you a custom leather wallet according to your specific requirements. You can tell them big you want it to be, how many cards it should hold, and other similar things. However, many premium leather companies offer the ability to customize a wallet with things like logos or initials to make the wallet more personal to the buyer. It makes a great birthday gift of holiday present for someone you love.

When you’re weighing what to customize your wallet with, simply remember that you, or whoever you are buying the wallet for, are going to look at and use the wallet every day. Get something that will bring a smile to their face and add to the premium look of a handcrafted wallet. You want whatever you customize your wallet with to add to the classic and luxury feel that a quality leather wallet provides.

Things to Know

Some people who use leather wallets everyday notice that leather wallets retain some odors, depending on where you keep it and what it is exposed to. If you’ve seen some worn dollar bills, you know that sometimes it’s hard to protect your wallet from some grime and unpleasant odors. One of the best things about leather is that it’s easy to get rid of, unlike some other materials.

If you want to clear out any odors, simply leave your wallet in a ventilated area for a few days. The smell will be gone before long.

A leather wallet’s thickness will also affect its durability. The thicker the wallet, the more of a beating it can take. You’ll have to be more gentile with high-end luxury leather wallets that are on the minimalist end of the spectrum. Thicker wallets allow for more padding and stitching in the build phase, and it will withstand scratches and creases more than smaller wallets with fewer compartments.

More competition in the luxury wallets pace is fantastic news for buyers. It means the companies have to work harder to keep you happy and earn your business. Most wallet makers and sellers offer impressive guarantees on their products that include things like 100% money-back guarantees, replacement wallets in case something gets damaged too soon, and other guarantees around quality and durability. When shopping for a handmade leather wallet, check to see what type of return policy and other protections you’ll have after the purchase. It will give you peace of mind knowing that a good company policy is behind your purchase.

Picking a high-quality leather wallet is a rite of passage for the professional, the artisan, and the consumer who cares about style. There are now more choices than ever, so look over the various styles and function considerations to choose the best wallet for what you need. You’ll love looking at your wallet every day as you get ready for work, and a smile will cross your face every time you pull it out to buy something.

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