What should you know about our handmade leather goods:

August 12, 2015


Hand stitching specifically  is the most durable and aesthetically appealing kind of stitching. In this technique, we use two blunt needles attached to each of the two ends of a single thread. While stitching, we pass the two needles through the same hole in order to create a knot. When the needles are pulled, the knot seals. Even though when one stitch falls apart, the thread will not knot. In fact, if you wanted to pull the thread out, you would have to sit down and grab an awl in order to remove the stitches.Leather quality determines the price of leather cost more.



When comes to the thread , it's important or I would say necessary  to use good threads when sewing leather goods together. We use natural waxed linen threads that  are made from a natural product and there are no chemicals that have been used. They are strong and  have a lot of flexibility.This ensures that it is  runs smooth from the first stitch to the last, and thus doesn't create any knots. Also, waxed a linen thread  helps prevent it from flaring, which makes it look a little more elegant. Every stitch should look flat,sharp and organized.