How to choose the leather goods

August 03, 2015

How to choose the leather goods

Choosing quality leather goods  is not easy. Market is filled of cheap leather, low quality products which do not last longer than one or two seasons. However, leather items are made of quality leather lose their character when a serial factory stamping. Alternative products such faceless masters are things made by hand. Hand Made is always a sign of things and to help emphasize and originality of its owner. The type and quality depend on its skin and your look. A big plus leather - it is their practicality and ability to serve long. Things that offers this workshop will help you longer to enjoy the use of these products.

Then we'll tell you what to look for when choosing a leather goods:

Choosing leather things you should pay attention to the inner side of the leather. It indicates how efficiently processed leather. The down side piece of skin should be flat, well and evenly painted. The sign of a good leather can be rough cuts - they usually fleecy - as a master to verify that you have purchased is the leather.
The high quality of things indicates accuracy seam and embossed. Products that are made of qualitative leather  will last about 10 years. Therefore, the type of skin also should pay attention.

Genuine leather distinguishes the forgery of chaotic picture, least stamped instead substitute a template the same pattern.
Genuine leather with jam quickly returns to its original shape. Therefore, if the verification sample skin wrinkled leather issue "refraction".

To distinguish true skin from the substitute you can use ordinary water. Genuine Leather usually absorbs moisture and thus darkens. Instead of getting a substitute does not react to water: just slide a drop of the liquid from the surface.
Another property of the skin - she quickly warmed by body heat. Instead, substitute remains after touching cold. However this method is rather subjective, so it is recommended only in combination with other ways of testing the skin.