Handmade leather goods always in trend.

July 24, 2015

Leather accessories that are made of  good leather  will last you a  long time and are pleased with practicality. We aim to create exclusive things that emphasize the individuality of our customers. Achieves this objective by investing soul into the work. All  products that we offer - handmade, so reason that we mention the word exclusivity  not to just show off.

The Leather is rock'n'roll. Leather -it's always on.


Leather - one of the most durable materials - except Kevlar or carbon fiber, of which unfortunately is unlikely to succeed belt, wallet, bag or bracelet.
The leather  is not demanding to use, reliable and tough - is reminiscent of the main features (the nature) of man which is easy.
The leather is authentic, classic and stylish - so a product that you can buy from us - emphasize your authenticity and ability, appreciating classics confidence to keep up with the times.